Stellar Cellular

voted the Best cell phone and iPhone repair in toronto! 

Yesterday proved to be very successful day with two iPad air charge ports being replaced. A water damaged Note 5 being fixed on the spot! Along with all the iPhone screens, Samsung Galaxy repairs and so forth. If you come down we normally get your cracked iPhone or other brand screen fixed within 30 minutes! We are among the best when it comes to microsoldering. So, if you are a store and you broke a customers phone mistakenly or you tried a DIY and damaged your motherboard or logic board we can get you back up and running. We have all the tools and LOVE to work under the microscope. Troubleshooting circuits is where we shine! We have fixed backlight issues, no touch issues, power issues, display issues and more! Stop in or call us today.

Stellar Cellular is the Best iPhone repair in Toronto. Don't forget though that we service ALL makes and model of cell phones, tablets, and MacBooks! If you spilled anything on your device come by and let us fix it for you. We have a very high success rate when it comes to finding the faults and being able to fix them quickly. 

iPhone 5S came in yesterday with water damage. Pulling 0.25A on the ammeter. Put it through the ultrasonic after taking a visual examination with the shields off of course. After taking note and putting it though the sonic bath is when I put power to the device and too note of the low draw. Noting no shorts on power rails I decided to reflow the tristar. This did nothing. A friend then told me he had a reading like that once and it was the led driver. Under visual inspection it did look like crap even afer the bath. So, I took his advice and reballed that chip and low and behold we have a working iPhone 5S again!

Today was yet another busy day in the store. Fixing another batch of iPhone 6S backlights and also something fun was that we fixed an electrical part for a BMW! When people know you love to troubleshoot electrical circuits and repair things they tend to bring around some pretty exciting items. What started out as a hobby some 30 plus years ago has now turned into something that steadily helps out lots of people when it comes to the devices we use on a daily basis. Some of these things we can't imagine what we had done without them. I mean how did we ever survive without smartphone internet access? I also see some manufacturers are starting to release feature phones again, trying to make them cool. I don't think that's gonna work on me, like I said I don't know what I did before I had internet everywhere. 


In Canada we have but a few options when it comes to cell phone providers. Do you want, fast data and a solid connection? Well, prepare to belly up to the counter, it's gonna cost you right around $100 a month. Prefer to go the cheap route and use Freedom Mobile or Chatr? Well, if that's how where you choose to save a few bucks you will pay with super slow data speeds and on Freedom very spotty reception. So, when you need to make that important call, it can be frustrating to say the least. I have known a person or two to throw their phones in anger over less. Let's not forget the small coverage area, when heading up north you may as well say that you brought your only brining your iPod! So, what do we do? We constantly look for wifi zones in the downtown area in order to cut down on our data usage so we can opt for a smaller than 5GB a month plan, only to end up saying about $200 for the whole year. All that suffering surely is worth more than that. Anyone have any bright ideas when it comes to how to pay $50 or less and actually have cellular service that works like it should?